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Glenn Aird DJ MAGOO sm FestI am always happy to talk with any of my colleagues from Festival Records from past years.
I was employed from 1986 until close in November 2001 at Festival Studio in Bulwara Road Pyrmont. I know I missed a lot of fun times that happened way before me, but i had many fun times while I was with the company and made many friends that worked in my previous years.
I wish to keep our memories alive of the Festival Records family during the good and bad times of this great Australian music company.
I am happy to come and visit you to document your memories and scan your photos to be shared on this website and/or at future Festival Records reunions.

This site is ready for all your fun photos, fantastic stories at the office, sales conferences, meet & greets, bbq's, sporting company matches, Christmas parties, on the road as a sales rep or dealings with artists local & international distributed by Festival Records.
This site takes many hours to collect & restore images and video. A small donation for the updating and running cost can be made by clicking here, a Go Fund Me account.

Make sure to update me with your current email if it has recently changed.

Looking forward to hearing from you all soon. Glenn Aird / DJ MAGOO (p) 0417488 657
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