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Festivals Records logo300A dedicated website for the celebration, collection of historical photos / video and communication of previous staff of Festival Records. 

This site will show previous reunions and upcoming events such as milestones of the company and reunions in the future. It will also update the list of deceased employees and funeral notices.

If you worked at Festival Records or Festival / Mushroom Records, please click here to create an account.

This site is run, built and controlled by Glenn Aird (AO Retro Music, DJ MAGOO & the Lobby Studio) a passionate and dedicated Festival Studio employee from 1986 - 2001. Barry Nagel and Bill Hoey employed me based on my youth at 16 years old, passion for Australian music, running my own DJ business at the time but most of all being able to program a VCR and microwave clock without reading the manual. I spent my time buying music, DJing & many Saturday mornings attending Sounds at Ch 7 when at school and this fed my hunger to be apart of the Australian music industry. Across my time at Festival I had numerous album & singles credits for radio edits, album edits, extended promo mixes for clubs DJ only and heaps of thank yous. I am credited on 2 x A.R.I.A. number 1 singles, countless Top 20 albums and singles plus an A.R.I.A. album of the Year.
I was ready for the new age of digital studio electronics and digital equipment in the world of music post production at Festival Records Pyrmont. I still have my own post production studio these days for analoge to digital transfers and can do anything in audio and video, check out the Lobby Studio for more details.

If you are an employee or artist that was signed or distributed from Festival Records over the years and wish to share your images and stories, I would love to hear from you, please contact me.
Celebrate the 65 Anniversary Festival Reunion Dinner of when it all began, have a meal and drink with the old team of workers in October 2017.

This site takes many hours to collect data, restore photographs and video, any help in adding content is encouraged.
Don't be affraid to call me i love to chat and hear your stories about the good old days at Festival & Mushroom records. 0417488657.

regards Glenn Aird.

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