Festivals Records, Memories from Staff


Festival Records Apparel & T-Shirts

This collection of Festival jackets over the years worn mainly by the sales representitives and selected staff.
Festival Jumper 90s GreyFestival Jacket 80s BlackFestival Jacket 80s Black RLS Shirt AM 62 89LS Shirt AM 62 89 rearT Shirt BlockheadT Shirt CCR AniversaryLS Shirt Rockmelon frontLS Shirt Rockmelon rearFestival Jacket 90s BomberLS Shirt FestivalSweet n Sour ABC TV SoundtrackU2 Rattle Hum Number 1Small World ChrysalisStray Cats On the ProwlStray Cats On The ProwlLS Shirt BlackLS Shirt Black rearT Shirt Angels MrDamageT Shirt N Trance AliveJoe Jackson Blaze of Glory LSCheiftains frontCheiftains backBilly Idol Whiplash Smile frontBilly Idol Whiplash Smile Back T ShirtABC & Festival Same Direction Melissa EtheridgeConcord PavilionExtremeGUN Taking on WorldGUN Taking on World backLeatherwolfMotorhead Eight Days In June Live Tour frontMotorhead 8 Days Live TourABC Country RadioAmadeus FrontAmadeus Soundtrack BackBarnes Storming 88Windam Hill RecordsToni Childs UnionU2 Rattle HumCaribean Express A&M T shirtCledus T. JuddCledus T. JuddJohn Howard cartoon Industry vs ImportsJanet Jackson Miss You MuchTangerine DreamTom WaitsMotorhead livePat Benatar Fired UpThe Police SynchronicityThe Police Zenyatta MondattaU2 WarTack HeadTissum 89 Europe tourJohn Howard STOP

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