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Brian Northam State & National Sales Manager Festival Records.

Today is the passing of our dear friend Brian Northam. Brian passed at 7:45am 3rd May 2021. He was a couple days away from celebrating his 81st birthday.

Brian was one of Festival Records longest employees.
He started as a sales rep when Festival was located in Harris Street and stayed in sales all his time finishing as the NSW & National Sales manager.

The majority of this site is Brians collection, he loved Festival Records as much as me and most staff who worked there.
I originally wanted to be a sales rep when I was first employed in the studio 1986. I was offered a position about 6 months after being in the studio. Brian and I became long term friends and I made many visits to see him after he retired at home and then while he was in care for the last couple of years. Brian has passed on boxes of his sales awards and photos i am still to publish. I have fond memories of us both driving home down Victoria Road playing silly pranks on each other at traffic lights. We also shared many a lunch time drinks at the Quarrymans Hotel Pyrmont with other staff.

Funeral notice Monday 10th May 2021 Macquarie Park Cremation, Camellia Chapel 2:30pm.

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