Festivals Records, Memories from Staff


Festival's Records History

All these historical images have been supplied by the Festival Records staff over the years. Also see the local & International artist in the members area. Please contact me if you wish to add your own memories or add corrections to these pages. I am always looking to add more photos that have been captured, to celebrate the times we shared working at Festival Records.
Festivals Records Alan H2Festivals Records 1968 May SalesFestivals Records BDAYBr2Festivals Records BarryN1Martin Erdman Festival cele First Night Records owner with Festival Music PublishingsFestival Records 70s Bob RogersFestival Records Team in London 90sFestival Records 90s TeamFestivals Records CricketFestivals Records Jim BrianFestivals Records Farewell2Festivals records Farewell3Festivals Records Farewell1Festivals Records build FutureFestival records boardroom

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